Currently Available Ink Choices 

As of 8/13/2019

Tier One

Tier One inks are automatically included in calligraphy pricing.

Sumi Ink-Jet Black

Tier Two

Tier Two inks are an additional $0.25 per envelope. 


Custom-Mixed Pewter

Custom-Mixed Platinum

Amsterdam Silver

Silver Spectralite

Custom-Mixed White Gold

Gold Spectralite

Copperplate Gold

Copper Spectralite

Finetec Bronze

Custom-Mixed Rose Gold

Pearl-Ex Brilliant Gold

Finetec Arabic Gold

Greens, Blues & Purples

Leaf Green

Olive Green

Sweet Grass Green

Custom-Mixed Deep Teal Metallic

Peacock Blue Metallic


Deep Blue

Midnight Blue

Periwinkle Blue

French Lavender

Violet Metallic

Deep Violet

Reds, Pinks, & Yellows

Alizarin Crimson

Super Russet Metallic

Cardinal Red

Opera Rose

Goldenrod Yellow



Walnut Ink- Deep Brown

Diluted Walnut Ink- Light Brown

Winter Sky Grey


Completely Custom

Custom options for ink include the purchase of pre-mixed ink or completely custom mixed ink. 

Pre-mixed/commercially available ink will incur a fee for materials plus $0.25 per envelope/placecard; completely custom mixed ink will incur a fee for materials plus $0.50 per envelope/placecard.

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