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Using a quiet and portable micromotor drill and diamond-tipped burrs, we are able to create permanently engraved calligraphy on glass or metal surfaces, including liquor and wine bottles, fragrances, and more.

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Engraving begins at $75 per item.

Final pricing depends on length of engraving/message or the addition of
designs such as additional flourishing or florals.  

The above pricing is based on a 2 week minimum turnaround time per item- please contact for rush pricing.

Please note that during certain times of the year, engraving slots are booked 1-2 months out and availability is limited;
we recommend contacting us well ahead of your deadline. 

Pressure bottled items such as champagne or prosecco are
not available for engraving due to the risk of explosion, both during engraving and any time afterwards. These items can instead be embellished with calligraphy using markers- please contact for pricing. 

Please note that inlays are not recommended for items that will be frequently washed or used for food/beverage consumption such as glassware. 

Looking for pricing for on-site engraving? Please visit our On-Site Events page.

Engraved wine bottle holiday gift


engraved wine bottle gold inlay holiday gift



We are unable to engrave pressure-bottled items such as champagne or prosecco, either in-studio or on-site.

Pressure-bottled beverages have a heightened risk of explosion during engraving due to a slight weakening of the glass, as well as after engraving due to pressure or temperature changes.

CalligraPhilly LLC is not liable for damaged bottles after they leave our possession and we discourage
clients from commissioning engraving on irreplaceable items.


Please note that we do not ship bottles of alcohol; all alcohol must be purchased and delivered to us in accordance with Pennsylvania state liquor laws. 

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