Engraving Services

CalligraPhilly now offers custom engraving services!

Using a high-powered micromotor drill, we are able to create permanently engraved calligraphy on
glass or metal surfaces, including liquor and wine bottles.

Engraved text can be embellished with gold or silver for an additional fee
(not recommended for glassware or anything that will be frequently washed). 



We are unable to engrave on items that are bottled under pressure due to the significant risk of explosion,
either during the engraving process or at any time afterwards, due to the weakening of the glass.

This includes champagne, sparkling wines and other carbonated beverages.

We are happy to offer standard pen-and-ink calligraphy for these items instead. 

Old City, Philadelphia  |  (267) 585-4470 |  contact@calligraphilly.com

For Fastest Reply, please text or email. Phone calls will be returned within 48 hours. 

in-person meetings are available during evenings and weekends by appointment only.

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