I would like to hire you for my wedding/event! How do I do this?

Awesome! I'm super excited to work with you. Please send me an email or submit a proposal request form (found here: I'll give you a quick price quote and overview of the process, and we can discuss materials, including paper selection, ink colors and options and other details. Once we're all squared away, a 50% deposit is required to begin work. The remaining 50% is due prior to the work being shipped or picked up.

I need my envelopes completed ASAP! How long does it normally take?

The standard turnaround time is 3-4 weeks, with exceptions for both very small projects (1-2 weeks) and very large projects (4-6 weeks). Please contact us for specifics on what category your particular project would fall under.

Rush pricing is in effect when the client gives less than the required amount of production time, and can range from 10%-50% of the total project cost. Each application of rush pricing is customized to the project; please contact for more details.

I live outside of Philadelphia. Can I still use your services?

Yes, of course! We are based in Philadelphia but have clients all over the country and hopefully, someday all over the world!

I want my escort cards to be on river stones/mirrors/marble tiles/acrylic/soccer balls/shrunken heads/water bottles/diamond encrusted cat collars. Can you do calligraphy on non-paper materials?

We can always try! All non-paper materials are subject to an individual surcharge which can vary by material. Most materials like acrylic and marble are subject to a $1.00 per item surcharge: please contact for custom pricing.

I would like to learn how to do your style of calligraphy. Do you teach workshops or private lessons?

Yes! I currently offer a handful of worksheets, available for instant PDF download on my Etsy Store (Please select SHOP under my About section), and frequently teach workshops in the Philadelphia area- please visit Events and Workshops under the About section. For private lessons, please contact me for availability. As a general rule, private lessons start at $60 per hour.

Can you also assemble and mail my invitations after you have completed the envelope calligraphy?

Absolutely! Please see the Assembly Services section on our pricing page:

Is your work handwritten or done on the computer and printed?

Every piece from the CalligraPhilly studio is lovingly handmade. However, pieces such as invitations and menus can be designed for print reproduction in mind. This means that one version will be approved and digitized into a high-quality PDF file to send to a printer.

I am hosting a fundraiser and want the invitations calligraphed. Can you do it for free?

Unfortunately we are unable to do large projects such as fundraiser invitations for free. However, we occasionally will donate calligraphy packages as auction items to support good causes. These donations are available once or twice a year, please contact for details.

I am a wedding industry professional and need a calligrapher for a styled shoot. Would you be interested?

Of course! I participate in a number of styled shoots per year and have a small budget set aside for materials and labor.

Please get in touch so that we may discuss details of the collaboration.

Please note that I will be unable to complete large and detail-intense pieces or very expensive ($200+) pieces for styled shoots without appropriate compensation.

I would like a large wall piece with lyrics/wedding vows/poetry on it. Is this something you do?

Yes! I would be happy to give you a custom quote for pieces of that size. As a general rule, the pricing structure is $1.00 per word, with headings and decorative elements incurring additional fees.

I need a job done by TOMORROW! Is this possible?

The absolute maximum number of envelopes that can be completed in one day is 15; the maximum number of escort cards is 25; the maximum number of place cards is 35.
Next-day orders will incur the largest rush fee percentage.

What forms of payment do you accept?

CalligraPhilly accepts cash, PayPal, Venmo, and credit cards (processed securely through the WAVE invoicing software).

Checks are accepted for deposits only for new customers, and are required to clear prior to the start of any work. Checks may be accepted from repeat customers based on the discretion of CalligraPhilly.

Do you have any recommendations for photographers/event planners/makeup artists, etc?

Yes! We have a list of vendors that we LOVE to work with! Please visit our "Our Favorite Vendors" page under the "About" header.

Do you work on-site at events?

Yes! I am happy to act as an on-site calligrapher or engraver for events- my pricing begins at $100 per hour for calligraphy and $125 an hour for engraving ($145 per hour for engraving with inlay services).

Do you have minimum order quantities?

For Calligraphy: We have a $20 minimum for calligraphy commissions. For Engraving: We have a minumum order of $20 for plain engraving and $25 for engraving with a gold or silver inlay.

I have an antique document that I would like calligraphy done on. Do you do this?

In most situations, yes!

We have written names onto certificates printed in the early 1800s with success, but each project is different- please contact us with a brief description of your project.

Do you supply the materials?

It depends!

Normally if the job in question is envelopes for wedding invitations, your invitation designer will order them for you and have the return address printed on the back. However, I'm happy to order materials on your behalf (usually incurring a small sourcing fee).
Escort cards can go either way! You are welcome to supply them yourself or we can discuss materials and I can order them for you. For large-scale art commissions such as Quaker marriage certificates, these involve large sheets of archival quality watercolor paper that need to be custom cut- it's usually better for me to handle directly. For bottles of alcohol that you would like engraved, they must be pre-purchased and delivered to me for engraving. In accordance with state liquor laws I am not able to sell alcoholic products to clients. Didn't find the answer to your question? Please feel free to contact me at

Do you do seating charts or signage on mirrors or chalkboards?

We currently do not offer seating charts or signage on mirrors or chalkboards. We do offer acrylic signage, which starts at a base fee of $150.

How far in advance should I contact you about my project?

My availability tends to book up approximately 1-2 months in advance, sometimes more if it's the middle of wedding season! For invitation envelope calligraphy: please contact me around the time you've started working with your invitation designer (approximately 4-5 months before your wedding). For place and escort cards: please contact me as soon as you have a rough idea of the number of escort cards you will need calligraphed (approximately 2 months in advance). However, I sometimes have lulls in my schedule and am happy to accommodate last minute projects when I'm able! Please don't hesitate to reach out regardless.

Where are you located and what are your appointment times?

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot accommodate in-person appointments until further notice, but are happy to "meet" with you via Zoom!

What kind of materials can you engrave on?

We are currently able to engrave on glass and unplated metal surfaces. We are not able to engrave on pressure-bottled beverages such as sparkling wine, champagne, and beer, and find that metal engraving looks best when unplated. We are not able to engrave on leather, suede or fabric.

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