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The CalligraPhilly Team

CalligraPhilly Team

Photo credit: Anna Laura Sommer/The Shine Studio

From left: Albus, Emily, Aaron, Severus


Owner + Creative Director

Emily is the creator and sole calligrapher of CalligraPhilly LLC!


She began teaching herself calligraphy in preparation for her wedding to her now-husband Aaron, and fell head over heels for the craft. The CalligraPhilly "studio" can be found in their West Mount Airy condo, which is also home to/has been taken over by Albus and Severus the cats.
View her professional biography here.

When she's not covered in calligraphy ink, Emily works full time at the University of Pennsylvania as the Assistant Director for Campaign Marketing and Operations. She holds a deep passion for all things involving pasta and cheese, champagne cocktails, Harry Potter, and Rachmaninoff's 3rd Piano Concerto. 


Director of Product Assembly and Transportation

Aaron is the CalligraPhilly team's most valuable asset- he frequently assists with proofing orders, sealing envelopes, and picking up/dropping off materials. 

Aaron is a freelance lighting designer and has the inside scoop on the best vendors in the wedding and event business- feel free to ask for recommendations! He is a cinematographer by degree and studied at both Occidental College in Los Angeles and Emerson College in Boston. 


CFO (Chief Fur-nancial Officer)

Albus enjoys demanding that his mom play fetch as she's desperately trying to work and has no qualms about swatting envelopes off of the drying rack if he's not getting enough attention! His special skills include ensuring that every last penny of CalligraPhilly revenue goes directly to cat toys and treats. 


Chief Product Taster (Yes, Taster)

Severus enjoys lounging on whatever his mom is trying to either 1) dry or 2) photograph, casually tossing calligraphy supplies onto the floor, and most irritatingly, munching on finished envelopes. He's very lucky that he's so darn cute. 

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